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I love it. It's a wonderful article. Your mom's stove is amazing. The visuals remind me of my grandparents house in the woods. A house they built themselves. They had a potbelly wood stove in the basement and a large space heater in a small hallway just outside the kitchen. The bedrooms upstairs would be chilly and my grandmother would constantly yell at my grandfather to turn up the heat and put wood in the stove. Looking at that woodpile outside the cabin is also a reminder of how difficult it becomes to maintain a property as you age and slow down. Time passes so fast.

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I'm new to finding your work, and am so very grateful for it in this phase of life.

This piece in particular speaks to my spirit. My husband and I are moving into a yurt with our two babes this week and will be heating and cooking with a wood cookstove. These are the memories we hope to give our children, and someday, their children. We are continuously becoming more "analog," and I hope as adults they can find the meaning in our kookiness, and that our own grandkids can benefit from what we teach and value.

I grew up with woodstove heat, and though my mom is the microwave queen and we moved from that house to town when I was 13, that woodstove paints and warms my fondest childhood memories...like sitting in front of it wrapped in my towel after a bath to dry off. To this day, I smell people who have woodstove heat in their homes, and it is the most romantic and nostalgic scent.

Thank you for sharing.

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That sounds lovely. What an adventure for you to be embarking on! I have no doubt it will make a profound and lasting effect on your children. Good luck!!

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